Monday, April 07, 2008

You Can Only Go Home Once

What could be more wonderful for a new bride than to find out that her dad has just spent a very long lunch recounting all of her less than wonderful character-traits to her husband to be? At the time, not much. But in hindsight, it was one of our best wedding gifts.

When I was engaged to be married my dad had a serious talk with my future husband. My dad decided that a few weeks before the wedding was the best time to catalog all of my quirks and issues for Bruce.

After he spent God only knows how long detailing my foibles and faults, he ended the discussion by letting Bruce know I could only go home once. If Bruce decided to "send me back" then it better be for good. My dad wasn't going to let me yo-yo back and forth. The message was, when he takes me from my parent's house he better mean it.

When I first heard about this, I thought of it as very light-hearted advice and it has been a joke in our family for 10 years now. However, recent reflection on the discussion reveals something much deeper. My dad was pointing out that the decision to get married was a big one not to be entered into lightly. It wasn't something that we could just flit in and out of like a party.

As we approach our ten-year anniversary, his advice is well taken and I don't ever plan on taking my parents up on their offer to go home.

Submitted as an entry in Michelle's April Write-Away Contest.

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  1. That's funny--at least you know he was ready for what was to come :) I've joked with Andrew and asked if he's ever had "buyer's remorse" :) Luckily the answer's been no.


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