Tuesday, April 08, 2008

New Idea for Family Musings

I have been thinking recently about ways that I can turn the time I spend on-line into a money-making venture. Does that sound awful? It's just that, I have put a lot of work into this and think it might be worth something. I enjoy writing product reviews and have done a few already. I've even done a few movie reviews. All of those were written for the love of a particular product or for fun. And I've got several more in the pipeline... just need to find some time.

While I was looking into ways to monetize this blog, I came across PayPerPost. This site offers opportunities for me to talk about other websites and services and get paid for it. After looking at the opportunities, I am not sure how many I will actually take advantage of. I mean, seriously, how many of you want to read about police gear or hot new sales leads. However, there are some services that I think I would enjoy personally, so I'll definitely be reviewing them to bring in some dough. I'll always be honest though and let you know if I am reviewing a site or service for a fee; that is the minimum expectation for word of mouth ethics. And if you know me by now, I'll be equally as honest about the product as well.

I actually first came across this site because another blogger I read regularly used it. She had a tendency to post a bunch of PayPerPost blogs and then nothing for a while. I don't plan to do that though. I'll try to keep the paid posts down though since this is still a blog about my family.

I hope no one minds. Thanks for helping me out!

word of mouth ethics

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