Sunday, April 06, 2008

Test Post & Clothes Update

I am trying out a new way to post blogs that should make my blogging much easier. It is called Windows Live Writer. It is supposed to make adding pictures in Blogger a much easier task. As it stands now, when I upload photos to my draft posts, they all go to the top and I have to spend time moving them around to just the right spot. 

ShoesTo the left is a picture of Charlotte's shoes. Actually, there are about 5 pairs that aren't even shown in this picture! They are took big on her right now, but she owns them. With the exception of 2 or 3 pairs I got for 85% off from Darling Shoes, they were all either gifts, hand me downs, of thrift store shoes. I should add though that Charlotte's feet rarely get the pleasure of wearing these shoes... I put them on her almost every morning and usually by the time we get to daycare, she has kicked them off.

Remember when I mentioned spending hours clearing out her too small clothes? Well, here are the results of that labor:

This first draw is mostly onesies, sleepersTop Drawer, and socks. At last count there were about 15 onesies and 7 sleepers. I didn't bother counting the socks! Here too Bruce and I have been very blessed. I only bought 2 of these onesies and the rest were gifts. The majority of Charlotte's 6-9 months clothes came from my mother-in-law's co-workers. When they threw a shower for me at her office, Charlotte had already been born and we knew the early months were covered.

2nd DrawerHere is the second draw of clothes for Charlotte. These clothes all pretty much go in an outfit, except for the back left corner; those are long-sleeved onesies that I am not sure we will even need given the weather in FL this time of year. Or course, we all expected her to be wearing these in February when it was cooler, but she is a tiny baby. Oh, and the front, right corner is plain white onesies. Maybe we will tie-dye them!

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