Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bye-Bye Altima

I sold my 1998 Nissan Altima tonight. I listed it on Craig's List around 6:30 pm and by 6:45 had a buyer. They drove over from Largo and the car was gone by 9:15 this evening.

The Altima was my dream car when we bought it in 2001. Even Click & Clack loved it. I don't miss it. Frankly, I am just glad that it is gone. It had been in our driveway taking up useful space since July when the radiator cracked. We had already been issued a warning from the county code department to either register it or comply with code regulations for unregistered vehicles.New Car 2007 003

While the Altima was a good car, I've moved on and love my Kiwi Green Ford Focus now. You can see the Altima next to it in this picture. The Focus still pretty much looks the same, but not me... my weight is now more evenly distributed.


  1. I was on my way home from work at about 8:30pm and I called Jennifer to tell her I was leaving school. She told me, "I sold the Altima." It was all very surreal.

    Well, I'm only telling this story for two reasons: 1) to use the word surreal, which is really cool and doesn't get used enough, and 2) to show what a martyr I am as a public school teacher leaving work at 8:30pm.

    It's true, I have no shame.

    Anyway, bye-bye Altima.

  2. Wow! What a great Craig's List experience! Erica loves Craig's List.

  3. This was actually the first time I ever used Craig's List. I've browsed it to shop before, but never found anything I needed. We live so rurally and the nearest 'big city' listed is Lakeland, about 45 minutes away.


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