Saturday, April 26, 2008

Random Stuff

I just looked over my posts from Thursday and realized I had 5 posts! I think that might be a record. :) Then, on Friday I had 3 posts.

I found some more links that I would like to share, especially because I know other mommy's read my blog.

  • Pantley's Parenting Tip #160 - Excellent point about bribing kids to get desired behavior. This tip is from the same woman that wrote No-Cry Sleep Solution.
  • Hot!! $5 Huggies Rebate - Angie sure does help my family keep up with Charlotte's diapering needs. Combine this rebate with sales and coupons and it is a score. Thankfully, Charlotte hasn't been picky about brand.
  • Save $5 - If you've never purchased something from, I have a $5 off $10 purchase coupon I can send you. You can either leave a request in the comments section or contact me via the About Me page to the right. Oh, and I've listed a TON of our books on so go and check out my store.
  • Pass the Smores and Watch Out for Baby Kangaroos - Michelle was definitely creative with her post title here... She has actually compiled a list of things to do if you are bored. I'll be coming back to this over the summer when I am home all day with Charlotte.
  • RSS Awareness Day - Still visiting your blogs one by one? Move into the 21st century and use an RSS feed reader. I prefer Google's Reader.

RSS Awareness Day

P.S. - I wrote this post on Friday... but I didnt' want to overwhelm the world with my words this week, so I used a new draft version of Blogger to schedule it to appear on Saturday. I've done that a few times lately. Pretty cool, eh?

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