Monday, April 28, 2008

So Much to Talk About

There is just too much wonderful information in the blogsphere... I could literally spend hours a day finding useful stuff. Since I don't have that much time, and I know you, my faithful readers don't either... here are the highlights of what I read (or skimmed) this weekend.
  • Women Against Pornography: Carolyn really hits the nail on the head. Dontcha think? (Not a subject for little people, and by that I mean kids, not people who are short, but legal)
  • CVS & Walgreens: People often ask me how I figure out all of the good deals at these two stores. I don't. I read people who do. Click the links and learn!
  • It Takes A Village: But not necessarily in the way Hilary Clinton meant it. And yes, I do practice attachment parenting.
  • Where are all of the Titus 2 women?: I wonder about this too... where are the older women to step in and help those of us who are younger figure things out? I try to practice this in my life with a couple of teenagers I know... but who is going to help me?
  • How I Survived Post-partum Loneliness: Since I have been a mom that has had to work outside of the home, I have felt this less to be sure. But summer is coming quickly and Bruce will still be working. What will I do to make new friends?

And a quote from Abraham Piper that struck me as profound:

Understanding teenage rebellion only as sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll implies that the goal is celibacy, sobriety, and employment. It’s not.
It’s Jesus.


  1. You do have women in your life who are there if you need them or want the mentoring...just keep that in mind :)

    Love, Mom

  2. I know that... but I mean in my local church.


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