Thursday, April 17, 2008

13 Gifts for Mother's Day

Since this is my first year as a mother, I thought I would help Charlotte out and make a list of 13 things I would like to receive this year.

  1. Momma Bling - Doesn't every mom need a piece of jewelry that proclaims her title? And what better way to receive it than in a Tiffany Blue box?
  2. Less Expensive Momma Bling - I've been following Lisa's designs for a while now and she always has an interesting take on expressing emotions. If Tiffany & Co. is too far out of Charlotte's budget, she should check out Lisa's site.
  3. Chocolate - What woman wouldn't want a box from Godiva?
  4. Quiet Time - Can I have some time to quietly enjoy that box of chocolate?
  5. Massage - After endless nights of laying on my side to accommodate Charlotte, my back is not the same. I am too young to feel this old.
  6. Pedicure - Does anyone see a theme here? I need some pampering!
  7. Sleep - As in, may I please sleep in more than 1 time in a month? Bruce and I have a deal that on Saturday mornings I get to sleep in while he watches Charlotte for a couple of hours. Our schedule hasn't allowed this hardly at all for the last 2 months.
  8. Fancy, Schmancy Sleep Mask - It would help me to sleep in on bright, sunny Saturday mornings if I had a luxurious sleeping mask.
  9. Photo Keychain - What mom doesn't need something like this for bragging on her children? I've got a lot of photos to share.
  10. Flowers - What woman doesn't love flowers? I love them too, but hate when they die off, so buy me these cool eco-friendly metal ones instead.
  11. A new Bible - Bruce and I have looked at a lot lately, and I think I like the Holman CSB the best. There are lots of different versions of it though and I can't decide which one I want. I bought this Holman CSB for a friend recently and really liked it.
  12. Baby Kisses - Okay, enough selfishness... Mother's Day is a chance to celebrate being a mother. I think I kind of need a kid to do that. So tell Charlotte I need to get loaded up on kisses. She has a few weeks to practice.
  13. Family Day - We've been so busy lately, that I would really just like a day for us to lounge around together. No blogs, no tv, maybe a picnic lunch at Bok Tower, soaking up the sun and one another.

Have you Thursday Thirteened yet?


  1. Oohhh.. some great suggestions here! I like the idea of the photo key ring.. maybe I can get her one of those and a matching picture frame!

  2. Excellent! A massage with some chocolates and beautiful flowers...good stuff!

  3. Ah, fist time motherhood. My oldest is 23 with her own baby now. This will be here first mother's day as well.

    Congratulations and Charlotte Moon is a beautiful name.

    Oh, btw, I am visiting from Thursday Thirteen.

  4. Wonderful list idea, my husband reads my blog so maybe I need to do one of these next week!!!

    Good luck and as always the baby kisses will be the best gift!

  5. those are great suggestions! Love the pedicure and flowery flipflops.

    I used to have a sleep mask that had lavendar in it. It was so wonderful. I have tried to find one to replace it, and can't find them anymore!

    Thanks for visiting my T13.


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