Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Adoptions & Airplanes: A Different Kind of Baby Shower

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I'm not much of a party person. I'm awful at planning menus and creating awesome decorations. Just ask the last friend who was on the receiving end of my baby shower planning. She was a good sport about it, but really, she deserved better. Now, I have a chance to redeem myself. But without the need for cute Pinterest inspired decorations and gourmet food. Which is totally my style!
Photo Courtesy of Emily Rose Portraits

My friends, Craig and Karissa, are in the process of adding two children to their family through adoption. In fact, they just found out today that they finally have a date to go and pick up the two little boys who have been in their hearts for nearly a year. You can catch up with their adoption journey at this link from Karissa's blog, The Acting Mom.

Photo Courtesy of Emily Rose Portraits
Since it is an international adoption of two boys who are not newborns, the traditional baby shower is not really an option. So, Karissa agreed to let me try something different. You may now consider this blog post your official invitation to "Adoptions & Airplanes," an online baby shower to raise money for the plane tickets this growing family will need to buy to bring their two heart-grown Ugandan boys home.

Craig and Karissa will be leaving in about 14 days to fly half-way around the world and meet "Big" and "Little," as their two sons are affectionately known. The cost for both of them to travel by plane is about $4,000. While this is not the largest portion of their expenses, it is a need that must be met quickly so they can travel to Uganda and then home again with their sons.

I hope you will drop by this unique Adoptions & Airplanes baby shower. Make an official RSVP for the party and invite others to participate via this Facebook event - Adoptions & Airplanes.

To participate in the baby shower, use the Paypal button below and be sure to put "Adoptions & Airplanes" in the notes section.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Please Hold Me Accountable

I'm afraid that, if I don't tell someone what my plan is for today that it might not happen. So, random Family Musings readers, here's my list of 6 things I need to accomplish today:

1) Clean out refrigerator/freezer
2) Re-organize pantry
3) Create menu plan/grocery list for the week
4) Update coupon filing system
5) Find a local, reliable pest control company
6) Go grocery shopping

This is not an unreasonable to do list at all, but I've got a cold and am experiencing third trimester exhaustion. No amount of sleep seems to be enough these days.