Wednesday, April 30, 2008

13 More Mother's Day Ideas

Okay, my family probably thinks I am desperately trying to angle for the BEST Mother's Day present. (See previous gift idea posts here and here.) Really though, I'm not. I just keep coming across fabulous options. These would work well for birthdays too!

I received an e-mail in my inbox recently from World Vision about 5 gifts they think would make excellent gifts for moms this year. I agree but decided to expand the list to 13 for this weeks edition of Thursday Thirteen. They are:

  1. Hope for sexually exploited girls - If a family sells their daughter into prostitution, it is often done out of desperation. That family needs food or medical care for another member. WV has shelters to take these girls in and rescue them from 12+ sexual encounters a day. ($35)
  2. Provide a goat for increased income - If a mom has a goat, then she has the means to feed her family a sustainable product. Then, one day, that goat might have babies that she can sell. ($75)
  3. Enroll a girl in school - As an educator, this one really hits home. Many times, girls in third world countries must stay home to care for their younger family members and miss out on the valuable skills and tools an education would provide. ($35)
  4. Supply malaria prevention for a family - Bed nets and education. It is so simple. Those two things can be enough to prevent the spread of this deadly disease. ($20)
  5. Feed a mother and her children - We count calories to lose weight... mothers in Angola count calories to make sure they gain enough weight. ($50)
  6. Care for a caregiver - Given the AIDS epidemic in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, there are many people who need loving care. Help support one of these caregivers by providing some basic medical supplies. ($28)
  7. Help the orphans and widows - The AIDS crisis requires it and the Bible commands it. ($100)
  8. Pick up the pieces - Hurricane Katrina's effects are still felt on the Gulf Coast. Building materials are still needed by many. ($35)
  9. Tutor a US student - This gift provides one month's worth of tutoring to a student in need, specifically targeted towards urban elementary students. ($55)
  10. Grow fruit trees - Like the goat above, this is a gift that keeps on giving. Fruit trees offer shade, sustenance, and a source of income. ($60)
  11. Gather water - Purchase a treadle pump and an entire community will have access clean water that can be used for crop irrigation. ($392)
  12. Spread out your giving - Consider purchasing a Gift of the Season package and four separate cards will be mailed letting your favorite mom know you think about her all year long. ($196)
  13. Sponsor a child - We know it costs a lot more than $30 a month to raise children in the US, but that relatively small amount of money can make a huge difference in the life of someone like the child you will see when you click this link.

Finally, they have one special gift designed specifically for Mother's Day. By donating $85 to their Maximum Impact Fund you allow World Vision to use the money where they see the greatest need. As an added bonus, you will receive a beautiful cream-colored scarf for mom.

"Each scarf is hand-woven and dyed through a World Vision income-generating program for women in Thailand. At your request, the scarf will arrive with a beautiful card explaining the impact of the donation."

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  1. Beautiful ideas. :) Except the goat. Hee hee. If my husband were to buy me a goat I may have to leave him. ;)


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