Wednesday, April 23, 2008

13 Places I've Been

This week we have a themed Thursday Thirteen. I'm going to share with you 13 places I've been and what I liked about each place.
  1. Orlando, FL - Umm, this is the vacation capital of the world! There is literally something for everyone. Well, okay... not quite. If you like climbing mountains, then FL isn't for you. We are below sea level and flat as a board. Remember 2004 when we had all of that plywood everywhere?
  2. Chicago, IL - Visiting the Field Museum and seeing a baseball game were the highlights of my time there. Oh, and the shopping. There is a LOT of good shopping in down town Chi-town.
  3. New York, New York - I've been here a couple of times and need to go back. The energy coming off of the street is amazing. Must do's - Broadway, morning talk show, and breakfast at a diner.
  4. Beijing, China -For a completely different experience... wow! And if you like shopping, this place was made for you! The Pearl Market actually sells all kinds of jewelry and silks and miscellaneous do-dads. Your souvenirs from this trip will be loads better than some lame "My aunt went to China" t-shirt.
  5. Washington, DC - My husband just came back and brought me pictures of the cherry blossom trees. I wish I could have gone with him. Between the trees and the gazillion free things to do there, this is a must for every one.
  6. Pacific Ocean - I'm kind of copping out on this one. I don't actually remember where I was when I first dipped my toe in the Pacific Ocean, but the experience was breathtaking. Wherever it was on the PCH that I stopped, there was the Pacific Ocean on one side and rocky cliffs on the other. (Yes, I know that describes most of the PCH.)
  7. San Antonio, TX - I think I've made 4 trips there and each time vow to go back. Between the Spanish mission, Alamo, and the excellent and authentic Mexican food this place is a winner for the whole family!
  8. Addison, TX - This is the city to visit if you like to eat. Make sure you stop by Truluck's. I think I tried everything on their menu at least once, maybe twice for the desserts. Last I heard, Addison had more restaurants per capita than any other city west of the Mississippi River.
  9. Rome, Italy - To be honest, I only spent one night in Rome, and I was alone with no Italian language skills. But I think I should go back. If for no other reason, than just to try more authentic Italian food.
  10. Cayman Islands - To be even more honest, I've never even been here! But my friend John lives there (and so does this guy Thababti, whose blog I read) and I think I should go visit them.
  11. McGayhesville, VA - Never been here either, but figured I should include it since it is where I will be during the 2nd week of June. Anyone know what I can do there?
  12. Alaska - My first visit to Alaska was on a cruise. I really enjoyed my day in Skagway and learning that the SE part of Alaska is actually a rain forest. My second visit to Alaska... well, that is still being negotiated with my husband.
  13. Leaving this one blank so my faithful commentors can give share their ideas.
What is one place you've been that you've really liked? Why?

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  1. I'd really love to see China sometime. Your words make it all the more enticing!

  2. Oh my i want to go to alll those I am going to Disney next month and need discount tickets do you have any suggestions?

  3. A very interesting selection. I must say, I'd really love to visit Beijing.

  4. I don't have the time or money to go most of the places you've been but I did enjoy a trip to Alaska once. Happy TT.

  5. Great list. I have yet to make it the Pacific and I too loved San Antonio - must go back!

  6. Happy t13!! My favorite vacation spot is Va beach. Not very far away from us, and my in laws live there so we don't have to pay for a hotel, although sometimes I wish we had too!


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