Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tax Day Blues

Jennifer has gone to sleep, so I'm taking this opportunity to hack into her blog and share a song I wrote. I hope she doesn't mind. If she does, she'll just delete the post. Anyway, my favorite restaurant, Sticky Fingers, had the idea of asking people to write a blues song for April 15th. Well, it got me thinking, and here is what I came up with:

Tax Day Blues
by Bruce Sabin

My wife took one good rib
And Uncle Sam took all the others
Men, you all know what I mean
'Cause in this we all are brothers

In this life we're all one fam'ly
But Big Brother is not kin
All he does is steal our work, friend
The way he treats us is a sin

We work all night and day, Lord
We clock in and we toil
We can barely make it through, Lord
The cost of taxes on our soil

They ride me like a mule, Lord
To them I'm just a cog
I've got to cheat to stay afloat, Lord
That's why I deduct my dog

These taxes make me blue, Lord
Can't you see my sinking mood?
All that's needed as the day ends, Lord
Are some good friends and great food

I can taste it in my mouth, Lord
My sticky fingers holding ribs
They'll replace the bones I lost, Lord
And I'll come prepared with bibs


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