Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wonder Woman

Deleted: I wasn't sure if it came off like a pity party or pride.


  1. Oh are Wonder Woman...because you balance a husband and a child with your job, frineds, blog and so much more.

  2. Jennifer, of course you're Wonder Woman. It's a wonder how you got such a great man as me! Or, maybe it's a wonder how you put up with me.

    You're Wonder Woman because at your first job, you were a 21 year old recent graduate performing better than the vast majority of the people with decades of experience.

    And you're Wonder Woman because after kickin' butt and takin' names, and winning pretty much every award at your employer, and turning down the big promotion, and hearing your manager tell you how you'd one day be an executive, you left that high-paying job to take a more family-friendly job as a teacher.

    And, of course, you were Wonder Woman as a teacher. Again, you constantly heard--and everyone you worked with constantly heard--from your principal how amazing you were as a teacher.

    And you're Wonder Woman because, again, you left that success behind to have an even more family-friendly job--stay at home mom. It takes a lot of crime-fighting courage to leave what you're good at and take on a new challenge. And you're proving yourself Wonder Woman, still.

    It took a lot of Wonder Woman strength to say, 'I don't need a fancy dining room table or a big house to make me happy. I don't need to keep up with the Jones's; I'd rather show the Jones's the real focus of life.'

    Of course, Wonder Woman isn't all you are. I've seen you at the gun range, and you have a little bit of Charlie's Angels in you--the original Angels, who had guns, of course.

    And I get to eat your scrumptious dinners, when you show off your Rachel Ray side.

    You became a master shopper, sometimes getting paid to take things from the store. You’re industrious, even starting a little online business selling books.

    You help me and balance me. And you make me look good.

    After thinking more about all these things, and the many more I could type, I am realizing, you're not best described as Wonder Woman or Rachel Ray; you're more like a woman who:

    cares for her husband and makes his life better (11-12)
    works hard to make sure her family has what it needs and she uses her time wisely (13-19,21,22,24,27)
    looks out for the best interest of others and cares for her neighbors (20)
    makes her husband a better man (23)
    trusts God and does not fear the unknown (25)
    who inspires people to say, "That is a great woman, and we're blessed to have her in our lives." (28-31)

    Now you can look up those numbers with their corresponding verses in Pro 31.


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