Friday, July 11, 2008

Free Food, Yeah!

Today is a great day for free food.

First, we stopped in this morning and I got a free 7.11 oz slurpee from 7-11.

(I didn't take this picture while driving!)

Then, we headed over to the local Chick-fil-a for a free entree. I had a silly cow hat and some cow stickers we had picked up there a few days ago. I put the hat on my head and some stickers on my shirt. Then, since Charlotte was just in a plain, white onesie, I stuck a few stickers on her.

When we got inside we did get some funny looks. There were no signs in the place and no one else was dressed like a cow, or in cow accessories like us. Oh well... I'm used to being the different one. The manager said that Charlotte could get a free kid's meal, which I wasn't expecting. She has never had Chick-fil-a and had already eaten breakfast, so I am saving her's for lunch. I was also surprised that the manager said I could have a free meal too. I really only expected to get an entree. I think he was so nice because they had not had much free traffic, just 6 teenagers earlier in the morning.

It was really hard to take a self-portrait and get Chick-fil-a in the background.

Of the several photos I took inside, this is the only one that came out decent. Probably because I was in the rest of them! :)

You can see how other people dressed up by visiting Crystal's Money Saving Mom post for today.


  1. Love it! That reminds me, I've gotta go get my slurpee today too. :)

  2. Cool! We did it with our MOMs Club and it was fun!

    The manager at chickfila took our picture and it is now hanging up at our local restaurant


    Oh geez..I almost forgot about the slurpees!


  3. I love her cow costume, so cute!

  4. Can you believe I forgot about the Slurpee!

    Our day was messed up due to a friend's illness causing our weekend children's swim and sleepover to be canceled...then we headed out in the car for another activity and had car trouble. So it wasn't until late this evening coming home in my dh's car that we drove past 7-11 and remembered. We were already passed it and it was storming out so I kept quiet :(

    Cute cow outfits! Glad you got the free slurpee and free meal at the other place.

  5. You are CRAZY! LOL
    I came close to doing it...Chick-fil-a is my FAVORITE, but I am shy, so it helped when Jason told me he would disown me if I did it ;p lol


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