Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Practice Cake

I have less than a month until my little girl celebrates her 1st birthday. I know she won't remember it and will just have pictures and my blog to commemorate it, but I still want it to be special. To that end, I baked a cake recently so I could practice decorating it.

It is a chocolate cake with white frosting, which I dyed cornflower blue. I used some fondant writing thing to make my letters. Mostly, I just wanted to see if I could pull off my idea with regular frosting. Fondant is cool, but seems complicated and expensive.

Here is the cake I made:

1st try cake

Here is the cake I want to actually make for the big day. It was made and designed by Charm City Cakes in Baltimore.


I plan to make the stars, moon, and cow out of card stock or poster board and then stick them in with skewers.

Have any of you tried fondant? Do you have any tips? Can a beginner really pull it off? Or do you think the cake would be just fine with regular frosting?

Oh, and as for the actual cake Charlotte will be eating, I am still trying to decide between one of the recipes on this page. Any suggestions?


  1. I suppose of the cakes on the page, I would go with the vanilla one (staying away from the diabetic sugar for Charlotte)!
    I am of the mindset that by the time the baby/child is a year old, they can have one serving of sugar. I know that for my girls, they had one piece of cake/cupcake on their birthday and most of it ended up on them and not IN them, so I didn't mind. It was mostly for the rest of us to enjoy!! The only got to have it on their birthday so it was a one time event! That being said - I was served angel food cake with no icing on my 1st birthday!!!
    I can't wait to see your fondant cake! You should totally try it! How fun! I had wanted to take a cake decorating class while we were in the US but the timing didn't work out. Oh well! How do you do it? Is it a kit or something? Share the details! And let us see how it comes out!

  2. I think that any of the cakes sound good, but I am of the opinion that a little sugar on a girl's first birthday won't hurt anyone. Andy was so excited about all of the family at the party that he didn't even want the cake. It wasn't until early in the next week that we finally got him to eat it. He prefers fruit to cake. About the fondant. I had a friend who did alot of cake decorating. She said that the fondant does not taste as good as regular frosting does. So you may want to condsider that. I'm sure that you'd be able to pull it off. I've never tried it but I think my friend found it pretty simple to make the cake. The cake will be beautiful with the cut-outs and all, but how will it taste???

  3. I think I am actually going to be a regular mom and just make a box mix cake, tricked out to be a little more homemade though.

    And I tried the fondant (post forthcoming), but I'm not sure it was worth the work. I'm still on the fence as to whether or not I will se it or just regular frosting.


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