Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Charlotte Needs - Another Google Exercise

Inspired by Esme's mommy, I did a google search for "Charlotte Needs" just to find out what she might be needing right now. Here are the top 13 results:
  1. Charlotte needs YOU. She needs you to love her and to comment on her mommy's blog. Really, go ahead, leave a comment. :)
  2. Charlotte needs volunteers. Maybe she is organizing a big birthday party for her daddy and needs to recruit some help?
  3. Charlotte needs repairs. Is she broken? You'd think I would know that! What does she need repaired?
  4. Charlotte needs to control fans. Well, she does like to stare at the fans and the lights in the ceiling. And I bet if she could reach them, she'd have fun turning the wall switches on and off.
  5. Charlotte needs mass transit, like, now. Yeah, totally dude. Let's ditch the cars and save the earth!
  6. Charlotte needs to look beyond banks. Of course, she is storing her treasures up in heaven.
  7. Charlotte needs to tell. "Go tell it on the mountain. Over the hills and everywhere. Go tell it on the mountain, that Jesus Christ is Lord." Done.
  8. Charlotte needs a special helmet. What for? Is Daddy planning on taking her on her first motorcycle trip for her birthday?
  9. Charlotte needs to go to the East Coast this fall. Done. We've already booked a place near Cocoa. It will be her first time at the beach.
  10. Charlotte needs more money. For her namesake's offering? $170 million sure is a lot of money!
  11. Charlotte needs psychiatric care. Huh? Must have been a different Charlotte. She hasn't been around quite long enough to require this yet. Let's give her a few more years, okay?
  12. Charlotte needs to learn how to be a mother. Of course, but let me figure it out first. She still has plenty of time.
  13. Charlotte needs more murals. I have been considering something like this for her bedroom... maybe she is reading my mind!
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  1. Nicholas is right! Charlotte, we're with you, baby!

  2. I love it! Google's totally got her figured out!

  3. i need some of Charlotte's $170 mill... go hit my donate button, nobody else ever has lol happy TT! btw, my link is here, click here, i'm not Saved77

  4. I am with 170 million. Google might be on to something.

  5. Cute list! I've often wondered how insightful this is!!!

  6. I love doing these! What a fun list.

  7. When she gets #10 have her send some our way.

    Happy TT!

  8. very fun, interesting 13....might have to try it myself.

  9. Just plain weird.

    The Pink Flamingo

  10. I'll have to try it and see what I need. She has a worthy namesake though.. . and if she needs to go tell it on the mountain, she might just follow suit.


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