Wednesday, July 02, 2008

My Day, by Charlotte Moon

(For an almost 11-month old, Charlotte is very verbose. Below, she describes her day. I'll share some pictures too. Charlotte wrote this last night, but since I already had 2 posts yesterday I waited until today to share this.)

This morning, I woke up a little late. Normally I am by by 7 am, but I slept all the way until 7:11! Mommy was happy for the extra 11 minutes of sleep.

Once Mommy and I went downstairs, she served me a yummy breakfast of yogurt mixed with oatmeal and banana chunks. I really like that breakfast but hope she gives me some blueberries again soon.

Mommy and I played on the floor for a little while. She said something about waiting for me to get a dirty diaper before we left. I looked all over, but couldn't find one to get for her.

Eventually though, we went for a walk. Well, Mommy walked and I sat in the stroller. It is too hot for her to wear me right now. We visited our friend Nancy at CVS (she's the cashier) and got some good deals on stuff Mommy said she "needed." Oh, and then we visited the consignment shop next door.

I forgot to mention that we met some other people that live in our complex. First, we met Momo and her dog Coco. Momo is a mechanical engineering student at USF and she lives with her boyfriend Michael. Then, we met Hector and his wife Lydia. They are both from Puerto Rico and are now retired. Hector invited us in for a minute because we were comparing the layout of our units. I hope we get to see them again. They were nice people.

I was so worn out by all the visiting and shopping, I fell asleep in my stroller on the way back. When I woke up, Mommy gave me a yummy lunch of shells and cheese with carrots. No fruit this time. The carrots were only okay, but I pretty much ignored them once the cheesy shells came along.

Then, we played some more. Mommy sings songs to me and we roll the ball around too. I did have some free play time in which I climbed into her cabinets. Of course, I had to empty them first. :)

fun 004

fun 007

fun 006

Finally, I got kind of grumpy and tired, so Mommy gave me some of her special milk and then I fell asleep again. Mommy was so nice and let me stay in her arms the entire time, even though I am sure her leg fell asleep. Afterwards, we watched The Big Comfy Couch. I think that is my new favorite show!

Dinner was the same as lunch. Then we did some more playing in the living room. I wanted to take another walk, but the weather didn't look so good for being outside.

Now though, it is time to go to bed. I love bath time and hope Mommy gives me a bath first. Good night!

**Mommy here... Charlotte was mesmerized by the Big Comfy Couch show. I've rarely seen her sit THIS still! She stayed there without moving for about 2-3 minutes, at least a couple of times!


  1. Charlotte is just so stinkin' cute is those pictures! I love the carefree look as she plays with plastic bowls, and I still laugh at how she loves to climb into cabinets or on top of shelves, even if the shelf is just the Wii balance board.

  2. WOW...Charlotte is so advanced. She tell an awsome story.


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