Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Choose Your Own Adventure DVD

As a kid, I devoured the choose-your-own adventure books. I would choose one adventure then go back and pick a different one, until I had exhausted all of the options. And if for some reason I missed a section, I would go back and read it, just for fun. I know, I was a weird kid!

And now, imagine how surprised I was when I found out they made DVDs in the choose-your-own adventure style! I had no idea it was even possible. I received a copy of TripFLIX as a member of Team Mom and finally had a chance to sit down and watch it.

It was pretty cool. The first menu lets you choose a region of the US to start a road trip. I picked the South, since I live there and figured I'd have an idea of how accurate it was. Then, you pick an ending destination. I picked the South again because I was short on time.

My journey started with a visit to the Orioles baseball stadium, hosted by teenagers Alex and Emily. Then, we had some SC trivia before moving onto visiting Rock City.

The hosts are friendly and I think they would definitely appeal to a pre-teen, but this concept might be a bit young for anyone 13 or older (at least if they went to public school). :)

I enjoyed watching the journey and seeing where we would go next. Per the Trip Flix website:

With twenty five exciting destinations, interactive trivia games, blooper reels, and even a lesson on how to do the “TripFLIX cha-cha-cha,” there’s something for everyone !

TripFLIX contains over two hours of fun, educational, family-friendly content to enjoy while traveling or crerate a vacation in your own home.
At $19.99 it might be a little expensive for one-time use, but since you can view it several times and pick a new itinerary each one, it would probably be worth it. My daughter is too young for this video now, so I'll be giving my copy to a certain young lady who is getting ready to start at a new school in a few weeks! (but you have to e-mail me so I know you really do read my blog!)


  1. I had no idea they did those types of DVDs. I loved books that let you choose your own adventures.

  2. Since when is the Orioles baseball stadium in the South?

    And are you saying kids who go to public school are more mature?

  3. I absolutely LOVE what you have done to the BLOG!!!


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