Thursday, July 03, 2008

Our Daily Walk

Now that I am home with Charlotte all day, I am striving to find the best routine possible for both of us. So far, that has included a walk each morning after she has had a dirty diaper. (TMI? That's okay, you don't have to change the diapers!)

Charlotte has been very verbose this week and wanted you to come along with us... so, here is our walk, in pictures.

"Mommy has me all strapped into my stroller with a supply of Cheerios, set to go. Want one?"

walk 002

"Here is the obligatory self-portrait. Isn't my mommy cute?"

walk 005

"Once we turn the corner, this is the first long sidewalk. I really like looking at the different kinds of trees."

walk 006

"My mommy is obsessed with keeping my fair skin fair. So she always blocks my view when we turn the corner."

walk 008

"Yesterday we met Della, and her dogs - Choo-Choo and Peekabo. She is a sweet grandmother from the Philippines."

walk 010

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