Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I  hate moving! I hate having to box everything up and constantly make decisions about what to keep, giveaway, or trash. It is draining. Mentally and physically.


I love moving! I love going through everything I own and constantly remembering the good memories that it all represents. It is draining. Emotionally and physically.


It is always easier when one doesn't have to actually move the boxes from one place to another. I remember the 2 times Bruce and I loaded and unloaded the moving trucks ourselves and was grateful every time I see a mover carry a box into our new place just 2 weeks ago. Several years ago, I found a one-panel comic strip that showed a moving truck decorated as if the couple had just been married. But instead of "just married" on the back, it said, "Marriage survived the move!"

I can totally relate to that.


  1. I agree with you. I love moving because it forces me to sort through everything and move on in my life, but I hate moving because it also means saying goodbye to some things. You're right--it's emotionally and physically draining either way.

  2. Jennifer,
    Wow, that was a fast move! Impressive! I hope you are having success, slow but steady on unpacking and organizing everything. It's funny . . . we were looking forward to our move for months and months, and FINALLY accomplished it, and you decided and did it all in a brief period of time! Way to go!

    Hope you're feeling settled in and everyone is enjoying the new place!



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