Monday, July 07, 2008

Win Free Groceries

I love Publix. My favorite paid job in the whole world, was working as a cashier at Publix. My husband worked there too, but I didn't care for him much back then.

Anyway, they have a game going on right now to win free groceries for a year (awarded in $2500 worth of gift cards)! I could really use that right about now. If you live in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, or Tennessee, you should click over and try to win yourself. They are also giving away a limited number of $8 gift cards.

I'd be happy with that too. Oh, and if you win the year's worth of groceries, I expect you to invite me over for dinner at least once! You can enter once a day. Good luck!


  1. Jennifer didn't like me much in high school because she was trying so hard not to love me.

    In high school, she told her parents I would be "perfect" for her if I was a Christian.

    When I left Publix to join the Navy, she was hurt I didn't say goodbye to her, but she convinced a relative to give her my address so she could write to me.

    When she heard the news that I had become a Christian, even though she had not seen me once since we worked at Publix together, her very first thought was, "I can marry him now!"

    None of those things sound like they came from someone who didn't like me very much.

  2. Speaking of food, go check out this website, I found from a link on

  3. Cool link Nick. Did you notice the house they are moving too is still fairly large?

    Bruce, maybe one day you can write a guest post telling your side of our love story? Since you seem to be taking over my comments lately? (not that I mind... I love comments!)

  4. Just givin' you some comment love.


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