Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Practice Cake #2

Last week, I made my first practice cake for Charlotte's 1st birthday (it's less than 3 weeks away!). I am mainly focusing on the way the cake looks since I've never had any trouble making a boxed cake taste good. cake 2nd try 001

Tonight, I made my second attempt. This time we are using Carrot Cake with a buttercream frosting between the layers and as a crumb coat around the rest of the cake. I've seen the pros on the Food Network Challenges do this, so I did it too.

cake 2nd try 002Next, I added my cornflower blue dye to the fondant and put it on a cookie sheet to knead. I completely and totally underestimated how hard it would be to knead the fondant. I coated my hands and the sheet with confectioner's sugar, per the fondant box instructions.

I forgot to check my mom's cake 2nd try 003cabinets for a rolling pin before I began this experiment and then when I did (after I dyed the fondant), I found she didn't have one. So, I improvised. The can of cooking spray did a fine job of rolling out the fondant, even if it did leave some marks from the base and from the lid.

Like an amateur cake decorator, I wrapped my fondant around the can of spray and then artfully laid it over the top of my cake.

Preparing the Fondant from Jennifer S on Vimeo.

This is what it looked like after the fondant was trimmed up and some minor smoothing took place.

cake 2nd try 005

Final Product from Jennifer S on Vimeo.

The cow and the moon are practice versions... I plan to do a much better job for the real cake.

After all that, Bruce and I both enjoyed a slice of cake with an ice cold glass of milk.



  1. It turned out great! I've always thought fondant was so difficult I have never tried it - but I've always loved how it looks.

    My dd has a birthday coming up next month - will I be brave enough to try fondant????

  2. I always thought it was super hard too. I think you should give it a go. But I recommend the practice cake just to make sure you can get the color and look you want. Make sure you share pictures too!

  3. Ok, so how did it taste? Did you like the fondant taste? You definitely did a good job making it look good. I had no idea that you had to roll the stuff yourself. Nice job. It looks really smooth.


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