Sunday, July 27, 2008

Her Birthday is Almost Here

We have less than 2 weeks left until I become the mom of a toddler. I can hardly believe that almost an entire year has passed since I labored to bring her into this world.

She has accomplished so much in this short amount of time and I have been thrilled to share all of her milestones with you.

While I continue to plan her birthday celebration, I'd like to ask all of my readers to share a piece of advice, a touching memory, or a funny story about her (or her parents), with Charlotte for her to enjoy when she is old enough to understand, and then again when she is really old enough to understand.

You can leave her a note in a comment to this post or write her a note by your own hand. But whatever you do, you have 12 days left to get it done. I'll be the mom of a toddler then and she will no longer be Baby Sabin!

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  1. They get big WAY too fast!

    Well, dear Charlotte - here's my advice to you: Enjoy the moment.

    Relish the treasures of childhood - new adventures every day experienced within the warmth of your parents' protection.

    Linger in the introspective moments of teenagerhood - you're venturing into a big wide world, and the choices you make today set the trend for the rest of your life.

    Embrace adulthood as you realize the fulfillment of all that potential and make a difference in the world around you.

    Grow old gracefully - you've earned respect and wisdom with time.

    Whatever you do, don't be so busy looking forward to the future that you forget to enjoy the moment.


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