Thursday, June 26, 2008

What kind of bug is this??

I found it alive on my stairs last night. I suffocated it by placing a glass over it. (Bruce taught me that.)


click to enlarge image

EDIT - I sent an e-mail the the BugMan at Hopefully he can help!


  1. It looks like an Earwig to me.


  2. Just a note: I saw an episode on Mythbusters awhile back where they were working with Roach myths.

    In one of their experiments, they completely submerged five roaches inside jars for a half hour, 45 minutes, something like that. There was NO AIR, they were completely underwater for that whole time.

    When they dumped them out, they all appeared to be dead. They left them overnight (inside dry jars.) When they came back the next day, they were ALL okay and walking around.

    Moral - flushing a roach does not kill it...

  3. I don't know anything about insects so I showed the picture to the family human encyclopedia - my 8 yr old. I didn't give her any hints (and how could I when I don't know what it is) and right away she said matter of factly - "It looks like an earwig."

    I just checked Wikipedia for earwig and it does look similar - especially those little "pincher" looking things on the end.

  4. I agree, it looks like an earwig. We have been getting them in the house very often lately. They creep me out, so I usually kill them.

  5. Jen, that bug is a cootee! That's right, you've got cootees! Love ya, Grumpy

  6. Sis,

    This is an Earwig. Tim Cole from OC Baptist Church was in spraying for bugs, and he told me what it was. He says they kill termites.


  7. How can this many people be wrong? I should post about bugs more often... other than a giveaway this is more comments than ever! And, my brother even commented!

    Thanks everyone. I'll be less freaked out next time I see an earwig. (Though I'll still send it packing.)


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