Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Good-bye Daycare

"Hi. I'm done with daycare for the year and thought I'd give you a little tour so we would always remember what it was like. Follow me."

daycare 009

"This is Janet Wooten. She loves me and all of the babies at the Methodist Daycare.We have a lot of fun playing with bubbles and hide and seek."

daycare 004

"Every morning we say hello to this little oak tree. I love to touch the rough bark on the tree and shake the leaves."

daycare 007

"Braden is my first friend every morning. His mommy drops him off as the same time my mommy drops me off. Braden always likes to give a toy and pretend to share his breakfast with me."

daycare 002

"Elyssa might be my best friend at daycare. She makes me laugh like a giggle-bug. One day she put a blanket on her head and kept pulling it off to entertain me. She also likes to make faces at me."

daycare 010

"Here is where Mommy signs me in and out each day. I try to hold the pen and help her but she doesn't seem to need it."

daycare 005

"I'm going to miss my friends at daycare, but know Mommy and I will have a ton of new fun at home this summer!"

daycare 016

cypress gardens 025

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  1. Very nice. I'm glad to see Charlotte
    is making friends. This Braden boy, he seems too old to be "hanging out" with my granddaughter. What are his intentions? ;-). Love ya, Grumpy


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