Sunday, June 08, 2008

10 Months Old

Charlotte is 10 months old today! The last 10 months have flown by and I can hardly believe that there are only 2 months left until she makes it to a year old. I marvel constantly at how much she is growing and changing.

Her new favorite toy is a ball. She can bounce it and throw it to you repeatedly with sufficient encouragement. She makes several adorable noises, including da-da-da-da-da and mmmmmm. I don't think she's really had her first word yet though she sure is talkative.

Oh, and she LOVES to say "uh-oh." When she says it, everyone within ear shot just melts. She usually says it after someone says it to her first and she is fairly consistent with it.

Charlotte, I love you so much and pray for you daily to grow up to become a woman of God, desiring to give him the glory for your life.

This afternoon, I read about another life that we can praise God for. If you haven't heard this story, I strongly encourage you to click over and marvel at the beauty of life and the lengths that modern medicine is taking us to understand how precious it truly is.

At the risk of upsetting my dad, I would just like to add, that stories like this prove to me how ridiculous it is to have arbitrary rules about when life begins and when it is okay to have an abortion. Some day, when medicine shows us what our hearts already know, we will all see that life begins at conception and deserves equal protection.

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