Monday, June 02, 2008

Drink More Water

We are always being told that we should drink more water. it helps you lose weight. it aids digestion. I've even read beauty advice that swears water is the best kept secret of the stars. They say you can't have healthy skin if you don't say hydrated. And you know what? In my experience, it's true!

I am a die-hard Dr. Pepper fan but have not had a single one in the past week, instead opting for water. And you know what, my skin feels better and I feel better. The water was just one change I made this past week (I also started taking my multi-vitamin again) and I can really tell the difference.

One thing that has made drinking so much water easier, besides will power, is adding some flavor to it. I love fruity flavors and a couple of times I added something called True Lemon. I had received them as a free sample a while back and decided to give it a try. One packet was enough to give a touch of flavor to a large glass of water. You can get your own free sample here.

In a completely random twist to my planned water post, I received an e-mail from True Lemon Friday letting me know they would send me even more free samples if I posted something on my blog about their product. So, don't mind my plug - it isn't entirely shameless since you can get your own free sample too!

Oh... and a funny True Lemon story... last Christmas a friend was over and fixed herself a cup of coffee (hey, that's FL hospitality, good friends can help themselves) and added her cream and sugar. After a few sips, she asked me if I thought the hazelnut creamer tasted funny. "No," I said, "and I've already used half of the bottle." She insisted it tasted lemon-y and I just wrote that off to her getting a little long in the tooth. Because hazelnut and lemon taste NOTHING alike! The long and short of it is... when she went to add her Splenda, she accidentally added a tube of True Lemon that was stored in the same cup! Sure made for an interesting cup of coffee.

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  1. I'm a die-hard diet-caffeine free Dr. Pepper drinker. I have a hard time drinking water but if I add something like you mentioned - I am able to handle it. Twice a day lately I've had to take a pill with a full 8 oz of water - so HAVING to do that - has made it a bit easier for me to do it.

    I've never liked drinking water...


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