Thursday, June 05, 2008

13 Father's Day Ideas

I spent so much of my blogging time in May sharing great Mother's Day ideas that I knew it would only be fair to share some noteworthy Father's Day ideas with you. In the interest of full disclosure, I am hoping that my husband, a new father, will hint around and let me know which ones he thinks are the coolest!

  1. Birth Keychain - Isn't this precious? And definitely something every father could use. The price is too high, but maybe you could find something similar at Things Remembered? ($99)

  2. My Dad, My Hero - Something like this, maybe? Definitely cheaper and you can include a photo of your children while still having something personalized. ($20)

  3. Shaving Gift Set - Does your man drown in estrogen at your house? If so, why not get him something that is exceedingly manly? ($88)

  4. New Wallet - Are you married to a George Costanza? Then this will help your husband find a little balance in his life. ($33)

  5. Baby Carrier - For the attached daddy, why not give him his own super-cool carrier? This cool skull and cross-bones fabric will help his street cred with other men too! (Prices vary by retailer, design, and style.)

  6. Proud Daddy - Keep it simple with a t-shirt that let's Dad tell the world how proud he is! ($12)

  7. Fishing Kit - This isn't your ordinary fishing kit though... it is actually a donation to World Vision to help fathers provide food for their families through fishing supplies. ($40)

  8. Train a Farmer - Is your man the 'salt of the earth' type? Then this might be the gift for him! Help a farmer father in a third world country learns the skills he needs to provide for his family long-term. ($35)

  9. Education - Every God-loving dad wants his kids to learn about God through the Bible. Now, your dad can help other dads teacht their kids through a gift of Bibles. ($36)

  10. Ice Cream - If your man is like mine, then this will definitely be a hit! 4 different flavors for 3 months! I scream, you scream! ($150)

  11. Branding Iron - For the grillin', meat-lovin' dad, why not let him personalize his grilling experience with a custom branding iron? Bruce has one and loves to bust it out when he grills steaks. ($40)

  12. My Husband Rocks - Can I buy myself a t-shirt for Father's Day if it proclaims how awesome my husband is? I only wish they made one that said, "My Baby's Daddy Rocks!" ($18)

  13. Coupon Book - How about something homemade? I know when I made something similar for our anniversary several years ago Bruce really liked it, and actually used the coupons! (cost varies based on materials)

Do you have any other Father's Day gift ideas? I am all eyes!


  1. Hey!
    I'm gonna get Jason an hour message for $35!! He is gonna LOVE IT ;)

  2. Great idea! Where did you find a place with such great prices?


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