Friday, June 27, 2008

Charlotte Meets Alivia

My friend Dawn and her husband Larry recently adopted Alivia from Taiwan. I finally had a chance to take Charlotte in to meet Alivia this week and here are the videos from the occasion. They played well together though I did have to keep an eye on Charlotte to make sure she played nice.

As a side note, I think Alivia is the second most adorable baby in the world and is about 6 weeks younger than Charlotte. She has such a sweet, even temperament too... nothing like Charlotte!

Warning: Make sure you stop the videos that come after the one of the babies. There might be some curse words and the content is kind of sketchy. I have NO idea why Crackle is showing those videos after Dawn's baby videos.

From Crackle: Jun 25 2008 - VID00018

From Crackle: Jun 25 2008 - VID00020

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