Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Little Dipper

I've observed over the last several weeks that Charlotte really prefers to feed herself. She will tolerate you giving her the first 4-6 bites and then an occasional one every now and again, but if she can put the food in her mouth herself everyone is happier at the dinner table.

I bought her some dipping tools to use for self-feeding a while ago and have never really given them to her to use. Tonight though, I needed some help in giving her the applesauce since she wouldn't let me give it to her and I wouldn't let her use her fingers. So out came the little dipper. It turns out, Charlotte was a pro at using it. I showed her a couple of times and she got the hang of it super fast. It does appear she is going to be a lefty. G-ma should like that!

"Watch me put the dipper in the cup."

little dipper 003

"Now I'm going to put it in my mouth."

little dipper 002

"Ahhhhh... yummy!"

little dipper 001


  1. Umm, I've actually given her the dipper a couple times and she's used it. And I handed it to her right hand and she used that hand. She probably needed a little practice with the left hand since she's not used to it. :-)

  2. Spoil sport. I tried the right hand... she preferred the left last night.

  3. G-Ma wins...and we all know that Leftys are the only ones in their right minds. Go Charlotte!


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