Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Joy Barker

You may recall that our friend Darryl Barker was involved in a deadly motorcycle accident about 4 months ago. His wife has an amazing testimony and has begun sharing it with others in large group settings. I hope you will visit her Caring Bridge page to catch up on how God has moved in her life.


  1. Hi Jennifer...

    Was going back through some of my old postings and ran across your comment. Wanted to pop in and see what was going on in your life...

    So sad to see this post.. What a courageous woman your friend Joy is...

    And what a great friend you are to her... Kayce

  2. Thanks for stopping by KC. I lost track of your blog and couldn't remember where it was. Seems you are writing less about the "stash" and more about life now. Good for you.


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