Monday, June 30, 2008

To Do List Update

I posted a To Do list several days ago and thought I'd share how I'm coming with it.

  1. Sell our appliances on Craig's List. They are still listed, but not yet sold... I may need to lower the price.
  2. Finish unpacking boxes. Ha! Yeah right. After our sale last weekend I have even more boxes. I did get the bathroom cabinets and Charlotte's diapers organized though.
  3. Get ready for big indoor sale at old house. Done. And over with too. It went really well and I met my earnings goal. I still have a lot of stuff left though and need to donate it.
  4. Create a loose daily routine. Still working on this one. I am trying to figure out what works best for Charlotte.
  5. Spend more time with God on a daily basis. I have been reading 1 Corinthians since last week.
  6. Pare down the # of blogs in my Google Reader. I'm down to 62, but 2 of those are mine!
  7. Work on preparing healthy meals for our family. I salvaged some of my favorite Weight Watchers cook books during my yard sale prep and am working on not having the bad stuff in the house in the first place.
  8. Carve out time for physical activity so I can lose my baby weight. Bruce told me it was okay to skip cleaning the house if it meant I was going to spend time exercising.

There are probably another 8 things I need to be doing right now, but really they are all just along the same lines as what I've already listed.

I've e-mailed with a couple of friends recently about what to do at home alone all day with a baby (who is nearly 1 year old!), and they've given me some good ideas. Do any of you have any ideas to share? Games? Free outings? Anything?!


  1. If you're lookin' for some things to do at home, try beating my first place rankings on various Wii Fit games. :-)

  2. 62 blogs including yours? HOLY COW!
    I think I have less than 20 and only a few I actually read lol......

    I hate moving! Good luck getting everything in order and unpacked......I feel for ya!

    Carving out time to work out can be a challenge, however, it's easier with only having one child! Unless I am tired to take a short nap while Michael is asleep, his nap time is when I work out, this allows me to start and finish without interruptions. The girls get involved, they are cute, they pretend they are my personal trainers with pushing me etc.. Also, going for two mile walks with Charlotte would be fun! Babies love the outdoors and although you won't shed a tone of weight unless you are walking super fast the fresh air is rejuvenating!

    Other than a Sta-at-home- mom I mostly clean.....A LOT! Make meal plans etc.....not much time for too many other things when I managing a house. It's a FULL time job! Reorganizing is fun, but I am a bit of a nerd in that area lol

    You will set and get your routines down. You always set realistic goals for yourself and as far as I see you also follow through with them. Routines change often when you are home, especially when more babies come along. Consistency is the key.


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