Friday, August 01, 2008

Wordless Friday


  1. I hate to laugh at people falling (which I think may be happening in the picture), but it is still so funny! :)

    Oh, and you won my $10 CVS gift card and coupons giveaway. I'll also contact you by email.


  2. Ooh! How I would LOVE to play in the snow right now! It is just hot, Hot, HOT here!

    Fun photo!

  3. Looks perfect right now. It is 100 degrees outside!

  4. SNOW? not right now, we had sun today :)

  5. I'm Rebecca...(the woman in the picture) I'm not embarrassed at all! I laugh at myself...all the time!! lol I let Jen use me LOL I have known Jen a long time ;)

    I crawled up the snow bank on a mountain almost 1200 feet above sea level while on vacation at the Rocky Mountain national Forest in CO. After I crawled up (like all the other kids and big kids ;)), I sled down and tried to turn my body because I almost took out the lady you see in the picture LOL She managed to get out of the way in time hehe IT WAS SOOOOO MUCH FUN and it felt so much better than my Texas 105 HEAT with the heat index reaching 105-112!! However, I did manage to get a sunburn that day :)

    I am happy to help Jen put a smile on her readers faces and cause uncontrollable laughter one behalf of my craziness! LOL

    Rebecca lol

  6. A couple corrections to my post.....I meant 12000 feet above sea level and at the end I meant on behalf lol

    The only excuse I have is, three kids one of them is a baby, lots of house work and not much sleep.........and I am still smiling lol


  7. Thanks for letting me laugh with you Rebecca. Oh, and did I tell you how cute your pig tail braids were???

  8. Jen--you didn't mention it but thanks!! The pigtails were fantastic!!


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