Friday, August 15, 2008

Allergy Guide by Zagats

Bruce has allergies. And sometimes I do too. We take the generic Claritin that I buy super cheap at Sam's Club using my parent's membership. (Is that too cheap?)

Bruce also likes to travel. Wouldn't it be nice for him to know what to expect allergy-wise as he made his trips? Well, now he can.

Zagat Survey, of travel-guide fame, has teamed up with GlaxoSmithKline, have created a new resource for travelers called Out & About with Allergies: An Insider's Guide to Enjoying the City.

This is a free (see why my frugal self likes this?) guide that features restaurants and attractions in 20 different cities. "Each destination is reviewed in the unique Zagat style, featuring input from people who have actually been there. The guide also includes simple tips that can make spending time in the fresh air easier for adults and children with nasal allergies."

You can sign up for your own free copy by clicking this link. If you complete the optional survey afterwards, you can also get some coupons for allergy medicine.

Leave a comment if you sign up then we can compare notes once we receive our guides!


  1. Jennifer, thanks so much for leaving a comment on my Food For Thought post at Frugal In Virginia. I appreciate it! It looks like our daughters are about the same age. Mine just had her first birthday a couple weeks ago. Isn't being a mom wonderful?

  2. I know this will sound crazy when I make this suggestion because most people don't believe me- however, if you and or Bruce are having allergy problems etc....go see a Chiropractor. I have been going to one for a few years now and so has Jason and the Chiropractor adjusts the kids for free. We no longer have allergy problems, sinus , headaches nor have any of us gotten the flu at all due to having our spine adjusted to proper alignment. When it's aligned properly all your other organs and such work properly too.

    FOr example.... like a car...if it's out of alignment it will not work properly (drive straight) and other things start to go wrong with the car.

    But like I said....I don't think most people believe me and I haven't been able to talk any of my friends into going to one. The only proof I have is what it has done for our families health! And I am living proof that adjustments work!


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