Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Visiting Animal Kingdom

Last Friday, I took Charlotte and a couple of my friends to Animal Kingdom, courtesy of my father-in-law (who works there). I'm going to let Charlotte share some highlights of our trip.

Can you believe my mommy is letting me crawl around on the concrete? I think she wanted me to walk, but I decided to crawl around instead.

1st animal kingdom visit 006

While we were waiting to get into the park, Mommy dragged all of us over to have our picture taken with some Disney Characters. Here is me with Flik, from Bug's Life. I couldn't keep my eyes off of him! We also took pictures with Timon and Pocahontas.

1st animal kingdom visit 008

After a while, we went back to Conservation Station. The scientist in me came out. I enjoyed looking at these cool hand bones and walking back and forth along the glass.

1st animal kingdom visit 041

Mommy here - I had to include the picture below because of how the color of her eyes came out. This photo has not been doctored at all. Isn't the color striking?

1st animal kingdom visit 014

What would a day at Disney be without a little bit of cranky butt? We were waiting for Carolyn and Marion (the friends that went with us) to finish riding Everest Expedition and it was raining. I was tired and needed a nap. Mommy finally started pushing me around in the drizzle and I fell asleep.

1st animal kingdom visit 026

On our way out, we stopped at a gift shop for a few drum beats. I tried to talk Mommy into buying them but I couldn't decide which one I wanted and kept reaching for a different drum every few seconds.

1st animal kingdom visit 047

I want YOU to come with me next time! It really is a lot of fun to go to Disney with a baby.

1st animal kingdom visit 066


  1. Hi, I'm Audrey. I'm finally getting a chance to read all of the blogs from the bloggy carnival and loving what I'm finding.

    I love Disney as do both of my kids. Great photos!!

  2. Those are some beautiful eyes! And drums are so much fun!

    One thing I love about having it kid - it gives me a chance to enjoy things like Disney without appearing like a dork!


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