Saturday, August 09, 2008

Birthday Pictures Are Here

I am not sure that any other baby has ever had almost 500 pictures taken of her on a single day - until last Saturday.

There were 4 different people taking pictures at her party. I had my work cut out for me in choosing the best to present to you.

The Gifts

new sofa 004 michelle 037

1st birthday 020 1st birthday 051 grumpy 231 1st birthday 007image michelle 055

The Food (including the cake)

1st birthday 008 1st birthday 068

(Click here for the before pictures of the cakes.)

bruce sr 090 bruce sr 103 bruce sr 108

bruce sr 126 bruce sr 144

Is 15 pictures too many? I hope it didn't take your page too long to load. :) If I get a chance, I might share some video later this week too.


  1. This looks like such fun! And what a gorgeous 1-year-old!

    How did the cake go down? Esme pretty much just picked at the frosting of hers. But she totally loved the gifts - spent time playing with each one while we were trying to encourage her to move on to the next!

  2. We had such a great time celebrating Charlottes' first birtday. She has brought such joy to our lives and has done a great job of emptying our pockets but know that we did it all with a smile!

  3. Esme's Mommy,
    Charlotte pretty much just poked the cake and sucked some of the frosting off her fingers. It didn't get too messy at all. As far as the gifts go... well, each time Daddy took one away so she could open another, she cried. He was being mean! I'll have to share some of those pics soon too.

    Remember, Charlotte doesn't ask for anything... you are the one that loves adorable clothing!

  4. What sweet pictures, how fun!

  5. Looks like a great party! You did a great job on the cake. Thanks for your reply. Sure you can use the same music! Yes, it is AMAZING how much they all change in a year! Happy 1st Birthday Charlotte!



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