Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday Stories

This week we had a blast! Charlotte and I went to the gymnastics studio again , only this time I remembered the camera! And, then I figured out how to use One True Media to edit the videos so I could share this with you:

We also had fun visiting Explorations V, a children's museum in downtown Lakeland. Charlotte finally got to paint! They do art projects on Fridays and this week was foam painting. She didn't eat too much of it, and got cranky when I took the paint brushes from her, but I think we might have a budding artist on our hands. I didn't think to take my camera with me, so this photo of her painting will have to do.

I will confess that I made the purple moon and the red C. The rest though, was all Charlotte. She even mixed the blue and yellow paint to make the green. I was impressed with how easily she cleaned up too. The paint was made with glue, shaving cream, and tempera paint and came off her face with just a wipe and her hands just by running water over them. And it didn't stain her hair at all. (Can you tell tempera paint is new to me?)

I also thought I'd round up some of the new things I discovered that Charlotte can do:
  • She is walking, fast. It isn't quite a run, but she can boogey.
  • She isn't afraid to walk away from me in public places.
  • I let her pick out her outfits each morning, from 2 that I choose.
  • She understands simple commands, like "go get your ball," and "put Tigger on the couch."
  • She can also answer simple questions, such as "where is your ball?" and "where is your juice?" Of course, she answers these questions by going to be near the object.
  • Her signs include all done, hug (which she made up herself), and milk. We are working on mommy, stop, and thank you.


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