Sunday, August 17, 2008

Polk Playdate

I hadn't mentioned it yet, but we found a playgroup! Yeah! Charlotte and I have met several fun moms and kids. We've enjoyed going to playdates at a few new to us places around Lakeland.

This past week, we went to play in the pool of one of the moms. It was neat to see how all of the babies (9 months - 19 months) play differently in the pool. Some of the babies were very brave and wanted to be let loose in the water. Their moms however, wisely kept them close. My baby liked to hang out in her hippo float and didn't mind just watching and taking in all that was going on around her.

I am only showing pictures of Charlotte since I never asked permission from the other moms to share pics of their kids. And I don't have any of the pool because pools and digital cameras don't mix.

This first image is my favorite from the day. Charlotte is peering around her stroller to watch some of the older kids playing around the pool. I love the look of curiosity in her eyes.

Her first popsicle! She let me hold it for a while, but eventually that wasn't good enough. As usual, she needed to be in control of the situation. I let her, but she had orange sticky goop all over her!
This is actually one of the first pictures I took. She seems so unsure of what is going on. Eventually though, she warmed up to the situation and toddled around with all the other kids.


  1. Playgroups are such fun - I love watching Esme interact with other kids. She often takes a little time to warm up, but it doesn't take long before she's in the middle of it all.

    Love that orange stickiness!

    Just an FYI - you have an award on my blog today.

  2. we've been in some playgroups in the past, but really they have disbanded for the summer. I'll be trying to find one soon though, so we don't go stir crazy in the winter!

  3. I am amazed how much the internet has changed some of the social parenting for todays mom's! I remembering wishing for days to share with other moms/women going through the same things even if it was just everyday activities. I was so young it seemed pretty lonely and what I would have given to have built some of the relations be it in person on on the blogs! What great connections you are making for both you and Charlotte not just in the play groups but in the blog world.
    All of you moms who read Family Musings...hats off to you! You are so more sophisticated in finding opportunities for yourselves and your children!!! May God bless and keep each and everyone of you :)


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