Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday Stories

I feel like we hardly stopped this week. We did something neat and fun every day!

Monday. Would you believe that we have done so much this week that I can't remember where we went this Monday? I know we did something that morning, but it is escaping me. My excuse - baby brain. I guess I need to start this post at the beginning of the week and add to it daily.

Tuesday we visited a new park with our playgroup. It was further away than expected so we got there kind of late, but so did our friend Jackie and her son Cayman. But that was alright because we just stayed later and played longer. We also got to vote on Tuesday.

Wednesday was the Kindermusik preview class at the Lake Morton Library. Charlotte did not like sitting in my lap while we sang. I was worried about that, but the teacher, Debbie Mondale, made us feel at ease about her wandering. In the end though, I decided to not join Kindermusik this Fall because I am feeling a bit overscheduled... and I don't want to be one of those moms.

Thursday was fun, but just for Mommy and Charlotte. We hopped in the car for a trip to the bread store. Sounds exciting, doesn't it. But wait, I want to tell you what we did with the bread - we fed the ducks at Lake Morton. I kept Charlotte on my lap while the ducks were around because I wasn't sure how aggressive they would be. She seemed fine with that. It might take some getting used to for her, but we'll definitely go again. I videotaped a short bit of it. Please excuse the quality though. Charlotte was on my lap, I was trying to throw bread, and didn't want to drop the camera.

we went back to Explorations V. The craft time this week was for making a Treasure Box. I always underestimate Charlotte's abilities, and I think it turned out fairly well. I cheated and vlogged the description instead of typing it out.


  1. Gotta love that baby brain! Cute slide photo! And I love the artwork!


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