Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Public Service Announcement - Voting

Yesterday, there was another round of elections in FL. These were mostly local positions we were voting on, but we still went. Remember, all politics is local, right? We took Charlotte with us to vote and this is actually her second polling experience. I posted about her first voting experience here. I know she won't remember these, but by blogging about it, I hope she realizes how important voting is to a healthy democracy.

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  1. Yes, but did you have to use an electronic voting booth? If so, "vote early, vote often", just in case it doesn't count hte first time. - The big news down here in Cayman in preperation for our next plebisite is mobile voting, run by the elections staff, so people who can't get out don't have to use postal ballots, sometimes with friends helping them. - John

  2. No electronic voting in podunk Polk County yet! We bubbled in circles and then fed them into a reader (like those scantron tests in school).

    Mobile voting sounds interesting... especially if you have a problem with friendly influences.

    And Mr. John Lurker, thanks for finally leaving a comment. :)

  3. Don't knock the scantrons. At least they didn't getlost (I hope) like Palm Beach.

    We're watching the RNC now and Suzanne is mumbling "it should be Hillarry" in the background.

    I'm following politics too much I think.
    - John


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