Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Review of Charlotte's Life Thus Far

This is Charlotte the first week she was home. Her head was still a little cone-shaped.
During her 2nd month at home, we got to have dinner out at Chili's. I don't think she was thrilled about their babyback ribs!

By month 3 she was loving her bath time. I particularly like the inquisitive look on her face.
Books. Lots of books. At 4 months old, she began reading on her own. Okay, I'm kidding, but it sure looks like she is reading in this pic doesn't it?
By month 5, Charlotte had been to Bok Tower too many times to count. And I always took too many pictures of her!
Here's another restaurant picture.This time, in month 6, we are in our fancy Chico chair at the not so fancy Pizza Box.
Another Bok Tower picture. This is Charlotte in her Easter dress, during month 7.
Not only had she become a clothes horse by month 8, she also learned to love bags.
On the move, crawling all over everything in month 9, she claimed this shelf as her own.
In month 10, she then claimed this cabinet too. It is the only cabinet in my kitchen without a safety latch.
I love her smile! 11 months old and she is already dressing to match the upholstery? Huh? It's just that her G-ma likes these colors so decorates and dresses Charlotte in them!
Now, here we are at 12 months old. She is walking everywhere and can't get enough of life!
And for number 13... my new favorite picture of Charlotte. Bright eyes, goopy orange popsicle on her face, and the bright swimsuit, all just come together for me in a way that makes my heart melt.

This is my 11th edition of Thursday Thirteen. Head on over to the main site to check out more 13-related posts.


  1. Hi!
    I found you through Mom Bloggers Club.
    Wow! What a beauty! What a joy!
    Thanks for sharing her beautiful pictures!

  2. What a beautiful 13! It's amazing how as pretty as they are now, it seems they just keep getting prettier!

  3. She's so precious...I had a cone baby too. Six years later, he still has a slight little cowlick in his hair from it.

  4. I love it! You should enter the last picture in a contest! Somewhere!

  5. She is so cute. What a great idea for TT!

    Wishing you and yours health, balance and joy.

    In Light and Love


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  6. What a way to make my heart melt! Dad and I just decided that we want a picture a month for ever and ever! I have to go find a frame to start the collection :)

  7. Oh she is SOOOO sweet! And I loooove the name Charlotte!


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