Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Activities

Here are pictures of a couple of Valentine themed activities I did with the girls. We did them on Friday which I called "Heart Day" because we did so many heart related activties.

First, we made heart collages. This involved painting diluted glue onto wax paper and then layering small pieces of gift wrapping tissue on top. Then we applied another layer of glue before putting another piece of wax paper on top. To finish it off, I cut out a heart shaped piece of the collage and mounted it inside a heart shaped construction paper frame I made by hand. They came out cute even if I didn't take a finished product picture.

I was pretty impressed that Mary was mostly able to do this activity all by herself and she isn't even 18 months old yet. Of course, I helped her some, but she really got into it.

Oh, and it dries clear so it looks really good hanging in a window.

We made pink, heart shaped sugar cookies. Both girls helped here too... Charlotte is getting really good with a cookie cutter. Mary is really good at smooshing the dough with her hands. The most fun part though was mixing in the food coloring to the cookie dough we made. Charlotte worked on it for several minutes and did a very thorough job of making the color as even as possible all the way through.

I gave Charlotte some heart foam stickers and let her decorate these cups for our Saturday night dinner with my parents. They came out cute and made the tablescape look even more festive.

Next up were decorating these white pot holders I picked up on clearance at Ikea forever ago. I think I paid $1.50 for 4 of them. The first one is Charlotte's hand, imprinted to look like a heart.

And here are Mary's hands... getting a heart shape from her didn't work so well, but she did a great job making a clear hand print.

What Valentine's Day crafts are you doing today?

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