Sunday, February 06, 2011

Prayers for Super Bowl Sunday

Christians should be praying today. And I don't mean that their favorite team would win the Super Bowl.

We should be praying for the children and women who have been brought to Dallas this weekend by human traffickers.

We should be praying for the men who will prey on these women and children looking for sexual favors, thinking that since they are in another city their actions aren't important.

We should be praying for justice for the pimps and traffickers who have brought them to Dallas.

Large sporting events are a prime opportunity for pimps and traffickers to market these children and women as a way to satisfy perverse sexual desires. This paste week Newsweek featured an article about this issue and what Texas is doing to help.

More importantly, my friend Ida has shared about this topic on her blog and issued a call to prayer for today. While her 5 am prayer time is long past, it is never too late to petition God for the protection of the vulnerable in Dallas this weekend.

I'm praying for the vulnerable in Dallas. Who will join me?

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