Sunday, February 20, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 12

Today I am going to show you a picture of something I love - a house full of teenagers!

Something I haven't shared with my blog readers yet is that we have opened our home to host a Chinese exchange student for this school year. She has been with us since August and will be staying until late June. Her name is Yanfei and she is definitely a part of our family. (She was even on our family's photo Christmas card!)

For Chinese New Year earlier this month, she decided to throw a party for her new American friends and give them a taste of her food and culture. We have loved having her in our home and the night of this party was one of my favorite nights in a long, long time. We served dumplings, steamed buns, spring rolls, and a great citrus punch. It was great to see her friends willing to try all of these new to them foods.

I was channeling my own mom all night long - cooking, listening into their teenage conversations, occasionally interjecting to clarify a point about the food, and then finally disappearing so they could sing karaoke and play games.

As the evening progressed my heart was full. Truly full.

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