Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Charlotte's Half Birthday

Today Charlotte is officially 3 1/2.

I will treat her to a birthday donut at Starbucks. And probably let her have a waffle with Nutella for all three meals. She likes Nutella.

I will make a big deal about her being another half of a year older.

I will remember that she can have a tender heart towards her sister and children without mommies and daddies.

I will remember that she likes to read books and make sure we do some extra cuddling while she still enjoys sitting snug in my lap. I know these snuggly years can't last much longer.

I will dress her in purple because that is her "new" favorite color. Though pink is still her old favorite color.

I will not be too busy to listen to another song or story that really makes no sense to anyone but her, but into which she pours her whole being.

I will do my best to make sure Mary doesn't pull her hair. Not only is Charlotte tender hearted, but she is tender headed too.

I will give her even more hugs and kisses than normal, if that is even possible.

And if you see her today, she'll probably tell you that it is her half birthday. Charlotte has never met a stranger.

Will you leave a half-birthday message for Charlotte? I'll read them to her tonight before she goes to bed.

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