Monday, February 14, 2011

Call Me Morbid

You can call me morbid, but recently I've had a strong desire to take as many pictures of the girls with Bruce as I possibly can. So for Valentine's Day dinner we celebrated with a picnic in the park and the chance to take lots of pictures of them having fun with their daddy.

Here are some of my favorites in no specific order whatsoever.

I suppose I like these pictures for all sorts of different reasons - I can see true joy in Bruce's face when he looks at our daughters. I can see pure adoration in their eyes when they look at him. I can see Bruce just having fun and being on their level.

And before you go... just a story about the car ride on the way to the park. Charlotte knows Bruce teaches Science and we spent a good bit of the afternoon straightening the house up so it would like nice for Bruce when he came home after a hard day teaching Science. So in the car, Charlotte asks Bruce to teach her some science. He goes on to give a simple explanation of hypothesis and inertia to her. I loved listening to their conversation and seeing once again how much she looks up to her daddy.

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