Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Checking Out The Manatees

One of the benefits of living in FL, besides not having to deal with snow, sub-zero temperatures, and icy roads, is that we get to see the manatees in their winter home.

We went to a place called TECO to see them and it just so happened it was their 25th anniversary celebration. That meant it was pretty crowded, but it also meant there were other activities to participate in.

Waiting for the bus ride from the parking lot. Charlotte looks excited. Bruce is excited on the inside.

Ah! See. I told you he was excited on the inside - the inside of the bus!

And of course, Charlotte is thrilled anytime she gets to ride in something other than my van.

Here is the entrance to the boardwalk. There was some useful information about this unique ecosystem and the wildlife we'd see in the water posted all along.

Manatees! I don't remember the count we came up with, but I think it was around 50 or so. And if you look closely you can see a baby manatee just below the center of this picture.

I like this picture because you can tell Mary is trying to figure out what is going on. Her neck is straining to look over Daddy's shoulder for a better view.

Charlotte just goofing off for the camera. It looks different because I played with this one in Photoshop. I think this is a 70's action from Pioneer Woman.

Manatees weren't the only thing there was to see! Catfish hang out in this area too. Plus there were lots of really tiny fish.

And stingrays! I think Charlotte was more impressed by these than the manatees. We also saw a hammerhead shark, but I think I deleted that picture. That was cool too.

A little tail waving goodbye!

At the visitor's center, there were exhibits showing off native animals, environmental groups, and craft projects for the kiddos. Charlotte wasn't scared to touch this snake once she knew it wouldn't bite her.

It was a fun day. We picnicked in the shade and enjoyed being outside on such a beautiful Florida day!

What is something you love that you only get to do in the winter?

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