Saturday, April 11, 2009

Where Did the Bunny Go?

He went down into his bunny hole of course! And I have cupcakes to prove it. Sort of.

I attempted another Hello Cupcake decorating technique today for a family picnic on Resurrection Sunday. This time, my cupcakes are supposed to look like bunnies stuck on their way down into their rabbit holes. And the rabbit holes are surrounded by a field of green grass and eggs. Or something like that.

First I started with plain, unfrosted cupcakes (front 2 rows). Then, I frosted 8 of them before rolling the tops onto a plate of crushed mint cookies (back row). These are the bunny holes.

 Next, I mixed up 2 different shades of green icing and attempted to make it come out of the plastic baggie looking like grass. I think it looks like a bunch of melted hershey's kisses.

 After all that frosting, it was time for the special effects. I added malted milk eggs and jelly beans to the grassy parts. Then, I cut circus peanuts for the feet. I deviated from the "recipe" by using chocolate frosting for the toes instead of chocolate covered sunflower seeds. The cute, fluffy tales are mini-marshmallows coated with honey, then rolled in shredded coconut (another deviation that suited my supplies much better).

And here are the finished cupcakes. Now I just need to organize them on a tray before serving.

What do you think? Did I make it look like there really were candy bunnies stuck in their holes?

If you like my cupcake art, or at least want to try it yourself, here are my other cupcake attempts - owls, turkeys, and corn on the cob. Or just get your own copy of Hello Cupcake.


  1. I TOLD you that you were I am hungry!

    They look awesome!

  2. They are really cute. You did a great job. I wish I thought to do something special like that; maybe next year.


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