Thursday, April 09, 2009

19 Week Midwife Appt

I just wanted to say that I was able to hear Babin's heart beat again. That is always such a relief and I still hold my breath waiting to hear the thump-thump-thump coming from within my belly.

Also, I have only gained 5.5 lbs so far! Yeah! I have been working on this part harder than I did last time. It is especially important since I started out about 45 lbs heavier than I did when I got pregnant with Charlotte. (Gosh, when I write it like that I feel like a whale already!) :)

In the end, I think I gained about 30 lbs total with my first pregnancy and I want to keep it at or below 20 with this one.

PS - I guess I do have some things to say on this here blog. Two posts in one day! Oh my!

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  1. Way to go gaining less this time around - that is hard! I gained about 28 with Elizabeth, but I was SO sick at the beginning I lost almost 10lbs my first trimester...
    Then with Anna it was 32lbs and with Nate - well, I went to America and ate A LOT of blue bell ice cream. Yumm. I gained 38lbs. Good grief!
    My thinking these days is if I can get to my goal weight of 140 before I get too old, then we might have another baby. Haha - talk about a lot of pressure! :) But it will be awhile!


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