Monday, April 06, 2009

19 Weeks, Almost

As of this morning, I am 18 weeks and 6 days pregnant. Anyone mind if I round up and just say that I am 19 weeks pregnant?

Someone was asking for a picture of my bump recently. I told them they would have to wait, as there isn't much of a baby bump to see. (Like my 1st pregnancy.) But then yesterday, I caught a glimpse in the mirror and thought, I can fake a pretty good bump by now. So here is the obligatory 1st picture of the bump.
In truth, the upper part of my belly, really has gotten more pushed out. I can feel my abdomen muscles on either side of the bump starting to push out to make room for Babin to grow into. Tomorrow I have my next midwife appointment at which we will schedule my first, and probably only, ultrasound.

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