Thursday, April 23, 2009

Night 2 Decluttering Update

I have crossed 3 items off my list tonight, all downstairs where our VIP will get her first impression of my homemaking skills.

Let's look at the before and after shots:
  • The wall by the stairs - it still looks somewhat cluttered, but now at least, all of my stuff is organized a little better. Someday I'll have a more put together organizational system for this wall and it will look even better. And maybe we won't have so many large toys hanging out in the living room either.
    • The end table - Here too more work is needed, but we still have improvement. This table seemed like a good idea at the time we bought it because of its height and size. Now though, I am not so sure. most of the art is now between the couch and table and the large boxes have been relocated.
    •  Clearing Charlotte's toys -This was the fairly easy part. I still intend to pair down the amount of toys she has regular access too (maybe do something like MoziEsme). Oh, and the blue glider you now see was a gift from my friend Amanda in anticipation of Babin's arrival. I'd like to recover the cushions at a minimum, and would really love to paint it white too. I'll just add that to my dream list, but not my List of 6.

     Now, here is what I have left to do tomorrow morning:

    1. Declutter wall by stairs.
    2. Declutter end table.
    3. Clear up Charlotte's toys (she has WAY too many downstairs!)
    4. Put sheets on guest bed (they were washed last night)
    5. Clean downstairs bathroom (it didn't get done last night)
    6. Clear kitchen counters (some of stuff from other spots ended up here)
    Once I get these done, I'll be sure to let you know. I might get even more stupid brave and show you the before pictures of my kitchen! They are guarunteed to make you feel good about how yours looks right now. And, depending on how my time goes tomorrow, I might start a new list of 6 for the Dining Room. (Yes, a whole list just for 1 room!)

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